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Squeezed margins – push & pull between client and vendor

Are your margins squeezed between your vendor & client?

We’ve all been there… your client needs a professional, managed backup, disaster recovery & business continuity solution… but doesn’t want to pay the price for it. Your vendor dictates the pricing and your margin, trying to control the market, reduce competition and indirectly take ownership of your client.

You might look for a basic solution that does half of the job, simply swallow the narrow margin offered by your vendor, or even worse, cut your margin for the sake of delivering your client what they actually need and won’t pay for.

While suffering this narrow margin, you’ve still got to monitor, manage and support this service. All of that time added up, you will be lucky to be left with any real profit margin.

Surely, there’s got to be another way?

At dittoIT, we value our MSP partners and their clients. Not only is our end-user pricing competitive, but we secure a competitive profit margin in the middle for our partners.

Along with our pricing commitments, we operate a managed service for the managed service provider! By working with dittoIT, your ultimate profit margin is far greater with a massive time saving on all those routine backup checks, data restores and maintenance.

Our team are on-hand from assistance with pre-sales technical & product marketing, through to routine monitoring, maintenance and data recovery. We not only actively support you in selling and deploying our services, but actually monitor & manage each endpoint on your behalf, all in conjunction with your team and behind your brand.

Would you like to secure your margin, while earning your team’s time back, saving the cost of all those man hours!?

Please contact us today to discuss your backup estate and where dittoIT can preserve your service level meanwhile, protecting your margin and saving your time and money!