Support Team

Let your Support Team do what they do best

Let your Support Team do what they do best… support your client’s users

Your Support Team are no doubt inundated with all the usual trivia & challenges that running a Helpdesk brings. So the last thing you need is further burden of the long list of tasks that come with managing and supporting a backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution.

Think of all the time your resources are stretched; from day to day backup checks, file recoveries, and heaven forbid, a large scale disaster taking out a client’s infrastructure. All of these scenarios are often an unplanned drain on your manpower, costing considerable time. If the issue is complex, then no doubt your senior resource will be dragged in too, (more than doubling that resource cost!).

Should your client suffer from a disaster, you’ll want to be busy getting their infrastructure back on its feet – not having to worry about a convoluted process of spinning up the failover business continuity environment, not to mention the restoration afterwards.

A partner that cares

At dittoIT, we highly value our MSP partners and go far beyond the traditional “fire & forget” model of most BDR vendors, pushing sales through their reseller partners, then disappearing to the hills whenever there’s a support issue. We operate a managed service for the managed service provider!

We sit entirely behind your brand, delivering a ‘white label’ service for the management & support of our equipment and contract-free backup, disaster recovery and business continuity service.

Our team are on-hand from assistance with pre-sales technical & product marketing, through to routine monitoring, maintenance and data recovery. We not only actively support you in selling and deploying our services, but actually monitor & manage each endpoint on your behalf, all in conjunction with your team and behind your brand.

Would you like to secure your margin, while earning your team’s time back, saving the cost of all those man hours!?

Please contact us today to discuss your backup estate and where dittoIT can preserve your service level meanwhile, protecting your margin and saving your time and money!