Business Continuity

Business continuity first

Everyone has a data backup…but what about when disaster strikes?

Towards the top of most businesses list of priorities is protecting their data, (or at least it should be!); not only from the latest cyber threats, but from accidental loss or from a general IT outage. At least most businesses these days will have some form of backup, however rudimentary, which is all well & good, but what is the plan when inevitably a disaster of some form strikes?

Those of us in the technology industry know how long & painful it can be to restore data following an IT disaster, particularly from something as basic as a Windows backup or from a file-only backup system. Meanwhile, the business & it’s staff can’t work. The physical cost of downtime and any potential loss of revenue during this period can be massive – and is far too often disregarded as a factor, until a business suffers from this harsh reality.

Never let a business underestimate the recovery time & cost from a disaster. This is why we lead with our mantra of business continuity first – what’s the point of backup, without a plan to keep the cogs turning while this recovery is taking place?

Business continuity – it doesn’t have to cost the earth

At dittoIT, we appreciate the commercial constraints on a small business. We have tailored our platform to cover as close to an enterprise-grade IT data backup, recovery & business continuity as possible, but for an SME price point.

We partner strongly with providers of IT Support, Managed Services and Value Added Resellers – supporting your client’s need at the right price, while protecting your margin and reducing your support overhead.

Please contact us today to discuss your backup estate. Let’s together identify where dittoIT can increase your client’s level of business continuity, at a price point they’ll appreciate.